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project2Wandoan Coal Project

Definity is providing Project and Strategic Advisory services to the Surat Basin Value Chain that consists of a major Greenfield mine development at Wandoan.

The mine would have an expected life of more than 30 years, with about 30 million run-of-mine tonnes of coal mined at Wandoan each year, producing thermal coal which would be crushed, sized and washed before being transported by rail to port facilities on the Queensland coast predominantly for export around the world.  The proposed Mining Lease Application area covers approximately 32,000 hectares. It is anticipated that the proposed mine would include an open-cut coal mine, a coal handling and preparation plant and support facilities.

Xstrata Coal Queensland (XCQ) is a member of a Tri Venture is investigating the economic feasibility of developing the Surat Basin Rail (SBR) link, a major new 210km railway,  The Project will connect the Western Railway System near Wandoan with the Moura Railway System, near Banana.  The SBR will provide for an open-access, multi-use rail link that aims to facilitate the export of coal and freight through to the Port of Gladstone.  XCQ is also working closely with QR Network regarding upgrades to its existing connections from Moura to Gladstone.  XCQ is also part of the industry group comprising existing and potential coal exporters that is developing the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET), which is owned by existing and potential coal exporters with a focus on funding, developing and constructing a new coal terminal (Terminal) at Wiggins Island, Gladstone in Central Queensland.  Together the mine, rail and port developments comprise the Surat Basin Coal Value Chain.





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